Our top 3 beaches!

Our top 3 beaches!

Saint-Michel beach: the family

Saint-Michel beach or Montiers beach are located at 800m from the Gîtes du Pêcheur. The water there is crystal clear and the sandis fine. At lowtide, Saint-Michel beach looks like a lagoon discovering a bead of pebbles providing access on foot to the Saint-Michel island.

The low tide is also a pleasure for the little ones by offering fishing activities on foot. Here it is a treasure hunt ! Prepare the landing net and go hunting for shrimps, curry pins …it is a good activity to do in family.

The beach of Portuais: the paradise

This beach is wild: no frills, the nature surrounds you with itsblazing pines and itsferns. The sandis white and the sea turquoise:worthy of a post card decor! This heaven of peace is earned. To get there, you have to take a path with stairs.

Caroual beach: the sport’s one

On this beach, many activities are offered: volleyball, football, windsurfing, kitesurfing … It is a supervised beach in July and August. It is the ideal beach to meet in family.

In total, Erquy has 9 beaches and coves. 

You will therefore be spoiled for the choice of beaches. For more advice, do not hesitate to contact the Tourist Office Cap d’ Erquy-Val André.